Usability of the layout function for MacRhino

Hey Guys,
first I want to say thanks for the Layout function in MacRhino. I think is a very good matter for fast and professional outputs and at last I can make a beautiful technical drawing paper without the help of Illustrator. Seems to be a big step for all MacRhino users :slight_smile:

I tested the new layout function a little bit and now I have some usability wishes :slight_smile:

  • I need a log time to found the command to scale a Viewport exactly. On technical papers sometimes have to use a specific scale like 1:100 as a sample. I think the command is to deep in the menue (View->Layout->Scale Detail View). My wish is this function in a command that I can type via keyboard or a good visible dialogue in the layout screen (like a property screen for the viewports).

  • Is there a possibility to lock a scale because by hitting the mouse wheel the scale change really fast-

  • It is possible to fit all viewports to a similar position like in a technical drawing. At the moment I have to draw temporarily construction lines to fit my drawing a the same position on the viewport.

  • Is there a possibility to modify the virtual paper color (not the Print paper color)? The gray is so sad :wink:

- If I want to draw something in a layout panel I can’t see what I am drawing while I am drawing. I have to finish the command / task before I see something (drawing lines, drawing dims,etc.). It looks like a little bug. It seems to be a bug out of my system - after Rhino re-start everything is normal and visible while drawing.

  • Is there a possibility to create more tool pallets for the layout screen or maybe a head column with the important tools for a “layout page”. Because while using it in fullscreen mode you have to move the pallets from the main window or switch much between the screens.

  • Is there a possibility to fill a curve with a full color hatch (a Ink button or a tool like the interactive color tool from Illustrator would be interesting)? I think with this function it will be very easy to create nice illustrations of floor product Illustrations,floor plans or something similar.

  • For the future: Will be a possibility to integrate Render windows in the Layout Page? With neon and cycles it could be possible to get good real time renderings in the Page. Or with Penguin there will be a possibility to find a good way between good illustration and good technical drawing without any other layout or illustration tools

more to be announced :wink:

more wishes : :slight_smile:

  • I think a function to save Sheet presets would be very cool. Like sheets with the data head etc.

  • A function to link picture in a layout sheet should be very good. With this function you have a possibility to show your clients the model and maybe amaterial mood on one Page (with a small arrow to connect all). The Google SketchUp Layout module out of the pro version included a functionality like this.

Select your detail view by clicking on its border. The object properties inspector will have a section labelled ‘Layout Detail’. In this section, you can set an exact scale, and then click the Locked checkbox to lock the detail scale and position from any changes.

This is on a list of improvements.

The tool palettes will now “stick” to the display where you place them. This is a recent fix.

Not that I know of.

I do not think so.

There is not something that does exactly this. The detail views are initially created in Wireframe. You can change the display mode of a detail view by double clicking in the detail, then changing the display mode to Shaded or Rendered with the context menu.

There is a lot of information about Layouts in Rhino here. This is the Windows version of the documentation; there is not a specific Mac document yet, but the differences are only in the user interface. Everything else is identical.


Windows Rhino does have a layout background color, perhaps it has just not yet been added to Mac>Preferences>Appearance>Colors…

Thanks, Mitch. I knew there was probably a setting somewhere. This wil be added to the Colors preference panel in the next WIP release.

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