Layout features in Rhino 6 for Mac


(OXII) #1

Are you planning to make the Layout funcion also more powerful in Rhinoceros 6 mac?

The one in version 5 is too basic.

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(Dan Belcher) #2

Can you please give specific examples of what features you are missing in Layouts that should be in Rhino 6 for Mac?

(OXII) #3

Well first of all I don’t understand why the background in layouts is black (trying to test it out in Rhino mac 5.5.1

I would like to have:
Master Pages, transparent hatches, gradients.

I’ll try to give mor detailed feedback once I solved my black layout background issue.


In Preferences > Colors , pressing Restore Defaults should fix that.

(OXII) #5

Many, many thanks! That fixed it!

I now know also where to change the color of the layout in case it messes up again.

As I wrote before, I’ll try to use Rhino mac layouts for real now to give a detailed feedback of what could be included in the next version.


It would also be very useful, to have some folder/tabs to organize layouts.
I work with sometimes ±100 layouts and it is not very efficient to scroll down the list…

Thank you


when using Technical display mode in layouts vector output would be great :smile: