Layout turns out black?


Anybody know why my layout turns out black-screen? When I double tap one of the detailview they turns out as normal but cant see the overview??

It’s a known bug.
There are a couple other threads about the same problem.

If you go into Preferences > colors, you’ll see the layout color is set to black.
If you restore to defaults it will be okay until you quit and restart Rhino.

This is a bit late, but I ran into a similar problem with RH6 SR13.

For me, this worked:
Rhino Options>Document Properties>Annotation Styles
On the right, there are 2 check-boxes controlling the scaling in model and layout space. I unchecked ‘Enable layout space scaling’, and the layout returned to normal.

You can then define an annotation style specifically for paper space (layout view) if you want to dimension in layout view.

If you don’t want to make layout space annotation styles, this video will help understand text scaling between model and layout space:

Hope this helps.