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had a quick spin on my macbook pro before I left for the office today, created a layout page, one detail window, it appeared all black, if I dbl clicked in the detail it made it active as expected

Mac version 5.5 breaks layouts?
Rhino 5 for Mac Update 5.5.1

same here also in 5.5

(Steve Baer) #3

Is this just the rectangle that represents the page that is black or is the entire layout (including area outside the page) black?


I think it was the entire page Steve, all black, when you click in the detail to activate it works as intended, except there was a thick black border to the detail window

(Steve Baer) #5

Does entire page mean just the page? I’m suspecting that it may be just the page since this also showed up in 5.5. The page color is a setting that could be adjusted and settings are shared between 5.5 and 6.

If you go to “Preferences…” and change the layout color, does this make a difference?


yes was just the layout page that was black, all toolbars etc visible, at the office right now, Windows machines here, will check preferences on Mac later when at home, cheers


yeh changing the colour in preferences, colour, layout to white helps, screenshots attached of black problem

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@Gijs can you run _ExportPreferences command and send me the results before attempting to change the color in preferences?

@milezee can you also run _ExportPreferences and send me the results?



M Dex.plist (96.8 KB)

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Thanks. Just to double check, the layouts are displaying correctly now on your computer?


yeh with white selected as the layout colour, off topic I know, but seems a little sluggish compared to the old 5.4 V5 Mac version


gijs.plist (137.9 KB)

(Steve Baer) #13

Thanks guys, I created a bug for this issue at

(Dan Belcher) #14

This issue should be fixed in the 5.5.1 update to Rhino 5 for Mac.