Layout pages are black - Rhino Mac V6 WIP

When setting up layouts, the sheets are black. Cannot see the detail boxes or any black line work. The thumbnails look fine- white sheets. When doubling clicking in model space, then the window updates to model space appearance. Selecting paper space, it goes black again. I don’t see this issue noted on the “remaining 6.x Issue page.”

Is this working for others? I have found one other user who in May had the same problem.

Have been doing some testing on this and discovered that the black layout screens only occur in OSX Mojave and on my iMAC Pro. I’ve got the Vega 64 card.

What I neglected to mention before is that the black out of Layout windows also happens in V5.5.3 in Mojave, but works just fine in High Sierra.

Never mind. Figured it out. Default color for Layout was set to black. Duh.

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