Layout - Export PDF with renders or images

When exporting a PDF from Layout with renders or an image (as in with Picture frame) the file size is really big, and it takes ages to export. Are there some settings that one can change ? Resolution ? Would be nice to have the ability to export all pages as JPEGS too (and DWGS)

How big is the original bitmap? Does chaning the resolution of the original bitmap make any difference?

Would be nice to have the ability to export all pages as JPEGS too (and DWGS)

I’ve logged these requests as RH-38480 and RH-38481.

Re: DWG. I’m imaging this is a sort of batch version of Export (DWG) that just does each of the layout pages into (single or multiple?) DWG files…?

It might be helpful if you could elaborate on what you would want in terms of control for the export layouts to images or DWG files. I can use my imagination, but that gets me into trouble.


Thanks for getting back to me Dan.

The JPEG I was using was only 236 KB (40 x 26cm, 150 DPI). And was approx 25 x 22cm on an A3 page when exported from Layout.

Files sizes of this single PDF are as follows :

Raster formet - 64.9 MB
Vector formet - 43.8 MB

Are you able to replicate this ?

Maybe there can be some options on resolution of images when exporting PDF.

Think it would be very useful to make a PDF with drawings and images without getting a huge file size. In my case I had done a set of drawing of a piece of furniture. I wanted to include some photos of the prototype with the drawings. In the end I took the PDF into Affinity Designer and then exported a new PDF from there, where one has the ability to choose resolution. In the end it the single PDF was around 500 KB.

I have the same issue when I have several rendered views set up in layout. Again when I export the PDF the file size is large.

I read that there are improvements with PDF export in V6 so hoping this might be one of them.

For DWG export it would be nice to have options.

  • Export all layout pages as one DWG
  • Export all layout pages as individual DWGS
  • Make a selection of layout pages that one wishes to export as DWG

Even having one these of these options to start with would be great.

For JPEG it would have to be exported as individual pages, would be nice to able to choose resolution. I guess JPEG export would be helpful if one wants to do post production work on images.