Layout display problem when block with transparent layer color is visible

I have a display problem in layouts when there is a block with transparent layer color.

Leaders are partially clipped:

This screenshot shows a perspective view in a layout and some descriptions with leaders. The pale hole pattern on the panels of this climbing wall are blocks with transparent object color. I need these to be blocks for rendering in keyshot but the color could be solid, which would solve the display problem…

However I think it is a bug which should be solved.

Below is a screen video where I tried to replicate the problem in a simplified file. Once the layer with opacity is off, it looks as expected. Also if the color is solid without opacity, the leader is displayed correctly.

layout_opacity_problem.3dm (297.2 KB)

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hi Martin, BringToFront should help here, I assume you know, but mentioning it here for completeness.

Thanks for the reply @Gijs I know the Arrange commands.

However, did you look at the video or my file?
The leader is in the layout. Shouldn’t the content of layouts always be on top.

Hi Martin,

yes, and thanks for reporting, I’ve added now: RH-72946 Layer transparency influences draw order

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Thank you.

FYI: I see this only in Rhino 7 and not in WIP.

thanks… I updated the YT

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