Layout Details needs a more control


Working with details have two major issues for productivity IMO:

1- Lacks the ability to lock Zoom (aspectratio) and Pan separately. (I often need to fine tune placement of a detail, and accidentally zoom out the detail to get a better overview of the layout)
2- The ability to type in the Aspectratio as number. In example 1:200.
Having to fiddle with settings like 1millimeter on layout = 0.2 meter in model is way to difficult to handle, and that is an easy number.

Adding those two options would greatly improve layouts and details, and they should be quite easy to add too :wink:



I personally don’t have a problem with #2, but here’s my workflow of creating and aligning detail views:

  1. Create detail view
  2. Set scale and lock the detail
  3. Scribe a rectangle around geometry I want centered in my detail
  4. Offset the rectangle 3/4" out to make sure I have a nice border around my model geometry and space for dimensions
  5. “Stretch” detail line to that rectangle
  6. Delete rectangle

It’s the same routine for as many as 100 details in a single drawing. I like being neat and organized in my drawings and there’s no commands to make it easier AFAIK. I can most likely script it, but that’s still not a perfect solution.

What I’d like to see is intelligent detail auto-scaling where Rhino would select a proper view scale out of a list of preset scale ratios, considering the initial detail size:

An option for a Detail Border size, where if I move and snap my detail control point to an object in the model it would snap back the Detail Border size distance. If set to 0, you’ll have what we have now.

Does anyone have a better way to go about it?


Here are two othe wishes:

  • Details need a "border"option
  • And options for text and hatch scale

Also Layout background color would be nice as a Layout option

And I would really like layer states to be part of Layouts