Layout and detail management—what's the plan? "Wishes"

First of all, I would like to know if there are plans for Rhino8 or the upcoming Rhino 9 version to improve layout management? It would be nice seeing some improvements already in Rhino8

Layout and detail management is currently very inefficient. For example, you have to double-click a detail and then change the display mode or activate a section for a detail—it feels like a workaround…
For some reason, the menu for activating/deactivating sections in your Layout/Detail has better layout management than the layout menu itself?!

Based on this idea, I quickly created a Photoshop mockup for a new layout management. That would be my wish: better organization of layouts/details and quick access to properties of layouts/details in one menu!

I would like to see some more examples!

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Brilliant idea and sketch.

Yes, and I’d suggest it should be one click/keystroke easy to expand and collapse rows.

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I like that idea. I think it’s nice to manage layouts through all scales. Starting with a folder that keeps layouts → layouts keeping details → details have different scales, display modes, layer states, etc. You manage all these different scales through a pop-up menu, which makes it easy to control all properties in one place.