Some Layout thoughts

During a recent job which was 2D heavy, I recorded some thoughts of potential improvements to work flow. I’m doing a file tidy up so rather than bin this list in recycle, I’ll bin it here instead.

Layouts and details:

Toggle Hide the detail border while keeping the geometry in view - to allow screenshots and visualising/organising of details. The current workaround here is to toggle the color to match the background.

When working with modelspace viewport maximised, if Rhino is closed while in the layout space of a file, the next time that file is opened (which will be in layout), when returning to modelspace the viewport is no longer maximised, instead it’s the 4view default.

In Layout, make the move/copy dialog expandible.
Option to link a saved layerstate with a layout.
Option to hide new layers by default in all existing details.
Toggle option to Show layers in detail instead of hide.
Save a single layout with the geometry that is visible in it’s details.
Save a file without it’s layouts (like export selected but without having to select)
Polyline detail borders (not the hatch method described in the help file)
Obvious orthogonal and incremental pans in active detail.
Multi delete layouts from a dialog.
Batch print to PDF without opening each one.

A useful feature would be to be able to copy / move objects between detail windows in layout space, i.e. pick the objects in one active window, the objects remain selected while making another detail active and depositing the objects in that space.

Cut detail into 2 halves allows the user to strech and move with details still in alignment. (work-around is to do a little zoom in the new viewport to keep the selection valid)

PDF line thickness seems to kick in at certain size
Panning in layout jerky in a big file

Layout tabs:
Sort command for tab alphabetical/numerical order, ascending and descending.
Ability to drag tabs to a different location.
A seperator between modelspace tabs and layout tabs and the ability to freeze pane, like in a spreadsheet, so layouts can be scrolled when they exceed the screen width. This is to allow rapid back and forth between spaces.
Mouse hover over the tab to show a thumbnail (optional on/off ).
Tabs currently allow duplicate names, maybe this is by design, although can lead to confusion.

Status Bar:
Drag size adjustment for the various labels, especially for the layer indicator.
Tooltip indicator for what is written in the the bottom right info box, especially if on a laptop.
Dedicated slot for current dimstyle with clickable change option - same as layer slot

As a named view title appears on a tab - a flag to show if the view has been disturbed, and a one-click way to reset to that named view without having to go through the namedView panel.

In multiple viewports, selection is lost when mouse is clicked for focus in another. For example, notice some geometry is out of plane in Front, select it to flatten and go into Top and selection is lost - workaround, do a little pan to focus the top viewport and selection remains


Very good suggestions!!

thanks, Tobias

Totally agree with all of Brian’s suggestions. Thank you.

RCP or riot.

Thanks Brian, I added your suggestions to

I don’t understand that comment

Reflected ceiling plan… or riot.


Thanks, though I don’t see how that is part of a layout wishlist. I must be confused.

Hi Steve,

You might be right, but please take a look at this thread. Particularly @sampage 's post:

Thank you.

What do you see it a part of if not Detail View property or similar command?

On a side note, overhauling Make2D over implementing Reflected Ceiling Plan view makes as much sense to me as a rock in my shoe. Also, saying that the demand for it isn’t there to be worthwhile implementation is only applied to existing user base of jewelry and ship hulls designers. Doesn’t McNeel want to tap into new users, new fields to actually sell more Rhino?.. The reason architects and building designers aren’t using Rhino is 'cause you can’t even make a basic Detail View like RCP in it… And the rest are still just rigging stuff up… in 2017.

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I definitely agree with @Asterisk, guys. Reflected ceiling plan would be, in my opinion, a huge part of reaching out to the architecture, interior design, theater, television and film set design community.

I would advocate calling it Reflected Ceiling Plan and not Flip view or anything like that. It’s only purpose is for ceilings…

@stevebaer you asked if this is a layout thing, and it looks like a combinations of display and layout to me…

Thank you.