Decrease silhouette line weight

Hello Rhino/GH community,
When I export PDF from Rhino Layout the lines are too bold and dense.
Is there any way to further reduce the silhouette line width (pixels) below the given number 1(pls. see the file attached)?
Is there any system file to do so, like e.g. DetaultPrintWidthList txt file?


Hi Bakuri - you can set a line type and print width on the layers or on the curves.


Hello, Pascal,
I’ve built a building in GH with a complex shape, and hundreds of windows on it. The way you suggest is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Also, inaccuracies are common, thus the inconvenient way of working( If you meant converting silhouettes into lines or curves manually).
On top of that, I’ve tried many times to change the layer’s default “print width” where my model is located, but it doesn’t correspond at all (_PrintDisplay command is on). Maybe I’m doing something wrong…
Anyway, thank you for your feedback.
2.pdf (1.6 MB)