LayerTable.Duplicate method returns empty int[] even when successful

Using RhinoCommon via the new R8 script editor. Calling doc.Layers.Duplicate always returns an empty int, even when it is clearly successful.

@Christian_Brahe I see that too. I made a bugtrack item so we can fix that:

Thanks Pierre.

Any estimate on a timeline for a fix? I am wondering if I should hack my own solution for finding the newly added layers by checking names or indices, or if I can just wait for the above to be fixed.

Hi @Christian_Brahe,

I’ve pushed a fix - should appear in the next Rhino 8 SR5 release candidate.

– Dale


RH-80624 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 5

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Hi @brian in RH7 SR37 this bug is still present, is there a patch available?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Iván_Pajares_Sánchez,

No, we are no longer making fixes to Rhino 7.

– Dale

Ok thanks!