Layers in Off state when exiting, Getting back On when reopening

Working with V6, Layers that are at Off state when saving and exiting a file,
Reopening the file, those layers are On.

With what version are you working? I don’t see that with 6SR4.

Post contents of Help \Rightarrow System\;Information if you are unsure how to get the version number.

@nathanletwory yap im on 6SR4

Is this the same as Bug Report: Layer States lost after V6 round trip ?

Hi @nathanletwory.

As far as I understand is not the same bug.
The one I reported is related

  • to saved °layer states° (as in _LayerStateManager), not states of layers in _Layer panel.
  • to loss of saved °layer states° after downsaving files (as in _SaveAs) in V6 to V5.

Ah, you’re right. Got my states of layers and layer states mixed.

From that I can see layer on/off works correctly.

@nathanletwory Its not the same, im not using LayerStatManager ,
Just saving, exiting a file when SOME layers are off & when reopening the file, ALL layers are ON…

Is this happening with one specific file or all files in general?

@wim took it to support, as for now it appears that specific plugin might cause the problem.