Bug Report: Layer States lost after V6 round trip

I spotted this behavior working in the transition phase between V5 and V6.
We have to keep our files in one project V5 to stay compatible with our clients.
It might happen that we open files in V6 and “save as” V5.

We created Layer States in the original V5 file. Now here is the rub:
If you open a V5 file with Layer States in V6 and “save as” V5, Layer states are all gone.
Data loss so to speak. Especially annoying when you find out days later when there is no easy way to recover.

This behavior is reproduceable.
Try opening the attached file with V6 and “save as” V5 and then check in V5.
LayerState_Test_01.3dm (77.6 KB)

Hi @pascal,

Just making sure this one doesn’t slip :wink:
Could you please have a look at this.

Hello - I’m checking it, thanks.


Just checked with version 6.5 (.18132.5131) release candidate.

The bug is still there.
Any progress on this one?

My pain:
We have been losing substantial amounts of work hours that went into setting up layer states in files with hundreds of layers (architectural drawings).
I have to instruct everyone on the team to refrain from using V6 to prevent this from happening.
Obviously, that’s not my prefered option since I love V6.

Hi @FrankS,

I’ve confirmed the behavior, and I have opened an issue.


– Dale

Thanks, Dale!

RH-46164 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

Great, thanks a lot!