Layer State save/restore doesn't work in Viewport with Va Objects

I’m creating, in a Viewport containing annotations and a PLan VIew, layer state (1) where only the layers which will contain exploded planview elements will be visible. This is to make it easy to select and delete only all those elements and replace them all with a new generated PlanView. I need to do this when the former PlanView has been exploded for printing (to correct the tag text registration bug) and the project then saved/closed by accident.

After the PLan View has been regenerated I need to restore another Layer State (2) which shows the plan view and the annotations/dimensions. This layer state is not Saving/Restoring correctly. When restored, this state has far more layers turned off than when it is saved.

I understand that in both cases the layers to be hidden or shown in the view port must be hidden/shown in the right hand column with the View Port active. This is not restoring properly in the case of Layer State (2).

I can save/restore layer states in projects that don’t have Va Objects (I’ll upload that test project also) so I’m thinking it’s got something to do with Va.

I will upload the project in question to drop box and send the share notice to Francesc’s email address (I don’t have Enric’s). (It’s the viewport labelled "Basic Construction Plan.)

now on Rhino 6.7.18193.18031

@Djhg, I can’t reproduce this behaviour. In the models you sent me there are no Layer states saved, so I am testing this creating new ones. I’ve tried it with layers that contain VisualARQ objects and they work properly when I switch from one to another or when I restore them…

Could you give me more details about which layers you hide… or send me the model again with the layer states saved.

I didn’t include saved Layer States because I don’'t see how you could evaluate them, not knowing the state of the layers saved. But I’ve now uploaded a project with layer states saved from the Basic Construction PLan viewport. The GIF below shows that the first Layer State created saved and restored correctly. The second one didn’t. I believe this might be the pattern of the bug.

IO put this issue on the RHino forum in case it’s a RHino thing. Pascal can’t tell how Layer States is working, but he can tell it isn’t working properly - I hope only where viewports are concerned;

Hi @djhg,

The layer state issue has been fixed in Rhino 6.8. You can download 6.8 RC now, or wait until it is released, probably by the end of August.