Layer state manager not restoring?

Hi everyone!

I am trying to save layer states to use across all my 3D models for asset management. But somehow when I try to restore the layer state it doesn’t work. Is this is a bug? Am I missing a plugin? what is the problem here.

Any help appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hello - so, you save a layer state file to disk, and open it in a different Rhino file that has the same layers in it and it does not restore, correct?


Yep correct! When I import the .lay file into the new file and press ‘restore’, nothing happens.

Hello - just making sure: the new file has the same layers as the file from which the layer state was saved, correct?


The new file does not have the same layers. I was hoping the layers that i created in the old file would import into this new one.

Hello - ah - no, it saves and restores the layer states - on/off/locked. It cannot create the layers if they do not exist. But, you can make a file that has a bunch of layers that you like and use that as a template file, or even just import the file to another to bring in the layers.


I see. Thank you for clarifying the functionality of layer states!

I will take that approach!