Layer State issue (?) when switching from desk to lap top

Hello, I believe I am finding a pattern when I switch from desktop to laptop Rhino 6 with regards to layer states. When I get home and the files are synced up via G-drive, I open my file that I last saved on desktop at work. However, when I double click my desired layer state, the layers that were saved to be on on my desktop are not saved as being turned on when using the laptop. I have to resave the layer state with the layers that I want on/off. Is there a way to be sure that this doesn’t happen? I could study it further when I have both computers in front of me…

Hello - If the geometry is correct, that is, as last saved from the desktop, when you open from the synced drive on the laptop, then I cannot see why layer states would be different - I’ll have to test…


FYI I have not run into this issue for awhile, so hopefully it is a non issue.

So I have discovered the problem again. I have a file with many layers and at least 5 layer states that I use to organize the layers. I am generally only setting on/off and Current are the layer states being saved.

Yesterday when speaking with a customer looking at this file, I noticed that the layouts were a mess and the layer state that essentially turns everything on that I want to show in layouts was not working. I closed the file w/o saving.

So I switched to my older, desktop and reopened the file and the layer states worked fine.

I can investigate but need a suggested strategy. I can share files with you but not this large file. Save a portion of it?

Hello - if you can export a file with just boxes in place of the real geometry, that might be good enough. As long as the file exhibits the problem you describe (which in any case, I predict, may be hard to reproduce, so any workflow details will be helpful) that should be enough…


OK will try, it is a very ephemeral issue!