Layers gone

Hey everyone,

I had a rhino-file with many layers I was working on. I saved everything as usual and as i opened the file now, all the stuff i’ve created was on the default-layer and all the other layers were gone.
Is there any way i can get them back?

Did you by any chance accidentally check the box to save the file as “Geometry only” when you last saved? That’s the only thing I know of that does this.

If so, do you have Rhino set up to produce .bak files? If yes, there should be one with the same directory with the same name as your file with a .bak extension. It represents the file in its next-to-last saved state. You can try opening this in Rhino and see if it has at least some of your info…

Ok, thank you for your help. You are probably right, that I saved it accidentally as geometry only.
shame on me… =)