Layering of lines (background - top) in Model and Layout View?


I’m using layouts for an architectural plan.

When I switch PrintDisplay to On, lines that are on two different layers (building outline and plot outline for example) seem to act weirdly.

No matter which layer is on top in the layers panel, sometimes the underlying line is displayed instead of the correct line. In Model View as well as in Layout. The yellow line, the building outline, in the screenshot is supposed to be on top and should thereby cover the underlying line, especially in PrintView since it has a wider thickness than the plot outline.

Is this a bug or am I missing something here?

Hi Viktor -

If you have used one of the forwarding or sending-to-back commands on your geometry, that will override the order of the layers. You’d have to clear that information for the layer order to work as expected.

If that’s not the problem, we’d need a 3dm file to be able to further diagnose the issue.

I wasn’t aware Rhino had commands to move things up and down the drawing order. Could you tell me these commands (as well as how to clear the order if I did it accidentally, or from the dwg drawing that I imported) as I couldn’t find then via the Wiki. Thank you.

// Found it with the right search term and it seems to have solved the problem. Thank you for your help