Draw order of lines


The red and blue lines were imported from an SVG file. They are locked and placed in sublayers. The green line I drew in Rhino.

Regardless of if I move the layer in the layers panel on top of the other lines’ layers or if I “physically” move the line 1mm above the others in the 3D view, the green lines always draw beneath the red and blue (both in perspective mode and Top view).

What’s goin on here, what am I missing?

Try selecting the lines and running the ClearDrawOrder command.

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Hi Robert -

It’s probably what are we missing?
In a factory-default set-up and based on your description, this is what I see:

What have you modified?

That was quick, thanks!

Though that’s a secret command I’m never going to remember… :sweat_smile:

Not sure, but I do see that the wireframe is 2px wide and got imported with color, while on another PC I tried the wireframe is 1px wide and didn’t get imported with color…

Dark Heart of Uukrul - Soul Stone 1

(I used no grouping on the import dialog and imported as curves.)

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I’ve been tripped up by this so many times by files from our architects that I finally memorised it! That said it is actually documented: