Order of appearance of curves/hatches

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I have a question about the order of appearance of objects both in the viewport and when printing.

Is there a rule to follow about how to make one item appear above the other?

In the above image (wireframe), I created a polyline on the yellow layer first, duplicated it with the gumball (planar from top view), changed the duplicate to the orange layer, then moved the orange layer above the yellow layer.

At no point did the orange line move above the yellow line.

In this image, I’ve moved the actual geometry above the yellow line in the z axis. Now the orange line appears above the yellow.

Finally, I just created a new polyline with the same method, and put it on the green layer. For some reason, the line appears above the others even though they are all in the same z-plane.

When doing drawings of curves in top view, it would be great to be able to control/predict which line appears in the foreground, then back all the way to the background especially for printing. Can this be controlled within Rhino?


Hi @jdelavaulx
Use SendBackward, SendToBack, BringForward and BringToFront to control the order in which lines/hatches with the same z-value are displayed.
HTH, Jakob

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Is there no way to make it such that the appearance of geometry is based on the layer order?
A higher layer appears more in front than a lower layer on the list (or something to this effect)?


Hi Jeremy - I believe layers should work for ordering but currently do not… that is on the developer’s pile…


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