Layer tree in grid view


I’m interested in suggestions for “duplicating” the layer dialog from c#. I want to assign plugin properties to layers, and be able to inform the user these applied attributes. So I’m looking at duplicating the layer dialog in a similar control.
Possibly even better would be the ability to extend the layer columns with plugin properties, but this mightn’t be acceptable.

I’ve made tree views using win.forms. But these don’t have columns and you can’t multi-select. There seems to be some projects made available by users, but I’m also wondering if something similar can be done with ETO (which would be great as it could then be used for MAC and pc).

If there are any examples or pointers to achieving this, I’d be very grateful.



The Layer dialog is no extendable at this time. That is, you cannot add custom columns to the Layer panel.

WinForms does not have a “TreeList” or “TreeGrid” control. If you Google this topic, you might find a few custom control that developers have coded up.

Doing a TreeList in WPF might be somewhat easier. Here is a sample on MSDN (that I have not tried).

Eto has a TreeGridView control that looks promising.