Database interface


Can you guys share some advice for coding this kind of GUI? I want to create some custom assembly types with various layers that each have different material properties and dimensions.

I haven’t made something like this before. I think maybe I need to use windows forms “datagridview” but I don’t know how I can customize it to create sub items and dropdown trees within the grid view.

Ideally I’d be able to drag and drop things around as well, import export, etc.

Here are some examples. Generally a more sophisticated and customization user data interface that allows hierarchy.


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Hi @footcandles,
What exactly do you want to display on the datagridview? Values from a database?

I think this is a not .NET native control (there are the datagridview and the treeview controls), but I guess there are free libraries to do that. Type “treegridview c#” in google.

If you don’t have experience with WinForms, my recommendation is that you don’t do anything that sophisticated. You’re going to take up a lot of time on a thousand details. Do something you can handle first, and if you have time, improve it.