Custom Layer Properties?

Hi all,
I’m working on a plugin to do some architectural analysis, and I’d like to add another “base” property (like color, material, linetype - which on each object are either set by the object or inherited from the layer) to all items in the document. To control it I’d like to add another column to the layer panel:


It should also be possible to change this on a per-object basis as you can with color, material, etc, in the properties panel :

I suppose it really becomes an additional button/object properties page (like “Material”, “Decal”, etc.) - I’ve seen the SampleCsWinForms with the example. So, can those object attributes be controlled on a per-layer basis, from the Layer panel?

Is this possible, or should it be a new “Material” type?

Found one answer here confirming not possible: Layer tree in grid view