ObjectProperties-like GridView avaliable in .Net?

Hello Everybody,

some of the Rhino panels like Object Properties Main Panel, Display Panel or Options>Apperance>Colors seem to feature a of special TableView with two columns, a vertical splitter that can be dragged around and (slightly bigger) category titles inbetween the connected “standard” table parts:

Looking around, I found this thread :

@Trav refers to the standard GridView control there - but those nice features listed above seem to be quite difficult to accomplish with that - or am I wrong there?

So I wonder if there is some Rhino-style GridView avaliable in .Net that coud be used for similar panels?

Thank you!

Hi @romio82,

The panel you show is written in C++ using MFC.

There isn’t anything like what you see available available in .NET from from Rhino yet. You might see something exposed in Rhino 8, as we are rewriting the object properties panel in .NET using Eto.

– Dale

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Thank you for the clarification, @dale!
So another reason to look forward to Rhino 8!
And meanwhile I’ll try to use some simpler selfmade version of that panel…
Thank you!