Layer State confusion and Bug?

Detail views often each require custom layer states. I’m not clear how to accomplish this.
Checking only “Layout or Detail Layer setting to restore” and restoring a desired layer state in one detail view changes layer settings in detail views other than the active one. Perhaps how this works is explained somewhere. I can’t find it in the documentation.

A related confusion is how to save global layer states and specific layer states. I’m not clear how that is working. Perhaps global layer states are changed with each detail view saved/restored. If so, I am not sure how to use these features.

I’ve created a simple project and spent several hours attempting to understand how “Layer Settings to Restore” and “Layout or Detail Layer setting to restore” interact. From what I can tell, Layer Settings saved in a Detail View often affect Global Layer settings when restored, regardless of how the two settings are adjusted.

As I attempt to understand the Layer State Management controls, I think I’ve found a small but consequential bug.

When switching between Layout Views and Non-layout Views (Viewports), wtih the Layer State tab panel visible, the Layer State tab panel maintains the display colour (black vs greyed-out) of the “Layout or Detail Layer Setting to Restore” and its Checkbox , implying that the availability of this attribute is the same as in the previous View Space. They don’t change to display (properly, I assume) until a Layer State is selected.

This implies that that particular settings’ availabilities are the reverse of what I believe is actually the case.
I suggest this inhibits understanding of Layer State controls (which have a pattern of overrides that I’m having trouble understanding as it is.)

MIght be worth mentioning that if a Layer State is selected when switching between View Spaces, all the options under “:Layout or Detail Layer Setting to restore” remain in their previous display state. Maybe it’s just me, but it really adds to the confusion.

I have contacted a professional Rhino tutor, but he doesn’t know how Layer States work either. I think this would be a good subject for clarification either in documentation, tutorial, or post.