Layer state associated to detail view in layouts gets dis-associated

Hi, The problem here is when creating a detail view in layout and associating it with layer state.

  • 1st I create a Detail view in the layout
  • I double click on the Detail view to activate it
  • I double click a layer state to activate that layer state for that specific view.
  • I save the file and close.

Problem: When opening the file again the Detail view does not show the appropriate layer state that has been associated to it. and sometimes the layer state is incorrect. I make sure when controlling visibility for a detail view to only un-check the “Detail On” column of layers panel.

Note: I’m working in a worksession with 4 different files attached to it.

Could someone let me know if this is a known bug or am I missing something.

Hello - layers and states in attached files (and linked blocks) cannot be modified by the current instance of Rhino. But, saving a worksession file for this state ought to work.


Thanks for the reply Pascal.

The layerstate manager saves my preferences; even for the attached files within my worksession. The problem arises when I save and close the application and come back to the same file again. The layers for all the attached files go back to being what they are in the original file. I would have to reset all the layerstates for each view again for it to go back to what I set it as before closing.

Perhaps we can address this issue; as it interferes with an otherwise flawless workflow.

Hello - have you tried saving the worksession itself? The external files are not modified, but the worksession file, if saved in the state you would like to have things on re-opening, should get it right.


Yes Pascal, I save the worksession file as well and still getting the same result. The detail views keep changing back.

OK - I guess the same old limitation as outlined here in (not public, at the moment, I am afraid, but I’ll add your ‘vote’.
RH-43786 HideLayersInDetail and Worksessions Issue