Layer settings not sticky for inserted dwg files between sessions

My layer visibility settings are not saved between sessions on layers that are part of an inserted dwg file. Do I have some setting wrong? This is Rhino 5


Hi Dennis - as far as I know that is the expected behavior. I don’t know if LayerStateManager might be able to help - I’ll try it.
@dmoyes - yeah, it appears that LayerStateManager will at least help - the dwg layers will initially all be on, but if you restore a saved layer state, that is respected on the inserted file.


Thanks Pascal. I’ll give it a try. For the wish list something similar to the “visretain” system variable in AutoCAD would solve this problem.


Hello! Has this “VISRETAIN” type AutoCAD system variable been implemented or is there a viable workaround?

I have a fairly intense master model file with my whole set in it - and then I have separate files that have this master model file as a linked block (using reference layers). I am creating my layouts and details in these separate files… essentially, I would like to be able to freeze parts of the model that are unnecessary for the details in my layout. The whole system is working beautifully, except for the few instances where I really need to freeze layers. Basically whenever I reload the master block the layers don’t stick and I have to refreeze them before printing. (LayerStateManager may help with this, but does not solve the problem.)


Hello - no, currently there is not a way to retain the layer states if linked blocks. WorkSessions does allow this.