Layer Panel small pain

Layers Panel some remaining cleanups [not sure if these are on the list?]

Can we please not have useless tooltips obstructing stuff.
This has been a Mac Rhino pain since R5, but with the redo of the panel, it’s really past time for these to go… Please


Also, I’m getting beachball after almost every move in the Layer panel …?
I do have heavy meshes in the file, but their layers aren’t even on, Any idea why would that be? [there is no memory pressure ]

thanks a lot


Does it help if you up the delay? (Rhino 8 > Settings > Advanced > Rhino.Options.TabPanels.ToolTipDelay...

If you crank that up to say, 1500 - 3000, does it help?

Now that one does sound file-specific. If you can share that model - either here or via Rhino - Upload to Support (add - we can take a look and see if we’re not taking something into account.

Thanks Dan
I helps, [for the first one, But it Doesn’t help there after.
Meaning: it takes longer for the tool tip to show, but once it shows, and you then move the cursor up or down in the layer panel. all the subsequent [useless] tooltips pops up without delay!

The main point here is that there is no need to have a tooltip telling you the name of the layer, because you are already looking at the name of the layer which is shown in the layer name column.
[Yes I know it is [possible to close the layer name column, But 99.999 of users [I’d imagine,] would never close that column.

Please kindly consider adding to advance :

Rhino Option Layer panel, Show tooltips False
Edit: as well as lengthening the tooltip delay, no solving the layer panel problem, It also delay other [useful] tooltips, like for tools buttons, and these are essential.

thanks a lot
about the other point:

Yes it is file specific. I sort of made it lees painful by removing to a separate files everything that was not actively needed on the main file. [heavy meshes mostly].
that cut the file size in half and made is response much better. [but not great ]
But since all these extra layers were anyway off all the time. Why would it makes a difference for operations done on active layers? I mean, we know rhino has a problem with selecting very large meshes, [a better way to select was disappointedly abandoned early in V8 WIP].
but these extras meshes were all off.

Thanks a lot

[I can upload to support in the evening if needed ?]

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I feel exactly the same about this and was planning to make a thread on it. I do not need/want the hover over tooltip showing the layer name, especially because that popup often blocks the Current Layer and On/Off toggle. Please make this an option to turn off completely. It’s pretty much the most annoying new behavior in Rhino 8.

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as far as I remember it has been annoying since Mac R5. so it is more of a leftover no being cleaned up with the remade layer panel, then a new bug [IMHO]

Hi @dan
An example on how things make no sense with the tooltips

Here I’m not getting any tooltips from the texture buttons [and I have no idea what each of them does and can’t guess from the button images]
But in the layers it is very happy to show me tooltips to tell me the information that is already showing in the panel…
Can these things be fixed/cleaned please
Please add tooltips where needed and remove where they are not [and create an obstruction].

hi @Akash I see that indeed on Mac the tooltips for texture mapping are broken, thanks for reporting.
RH-78911 Texture mapping properties icon tooltips are not working on Mac

As for the layer tooltips, I have reported this a while back:
RH-78260 Layer tooltip usefulness
But the tooltips on the icons is not part of that report. There were also tooltips on the layer icons in Rhino 7, though they were different.

Also super bothered with it.

Thanks a lot, and yes it is an old problem that got worse.
I have asked this in the past [even before 7… don’t know how to find it, it an old request ]. the reply I got at that time [from @dan ] was something to do [if I remember correctly…] about the layer panel being very complicated and need a rewrite… so they won’t touch anything until that rewrite, and that there were not enough voices on this.
But now a rewrite has happened, and there are many more Mac users to be disturbed by these UI leftovers.
These “small” cleanup details are actually very important for the UX .

thanks a lot

Another related issue I’m having with the hover over tooltip is that sometimes it gets stuck and shows in front of all programs/windows. I’m attaching a screenshot showing it being visible while Chrome is in focus:

To get it to go away I have to bring Rhino 8 back in focus and mouse over the stuck tooltip.

I have seen a tooltip that sits behind the layer panel but above the side tabs that let you switch panels.

The net effect is that you can’t click to switch panels because it tracks the mouse and eats mouse clicks.

I’m not actually sure what the tooltip was for as I couldn’t see the text because that was behind the panel.

This was on Windows.