Layer rename Rhino 8.6.24086.11002

In Rhino 7 I was able to rename a layer simply by double clicking the layer name in the layer list, now in 8 I cant seem to get the cursor focus away from the command input. Even if I select the Layer rename in the dropdown menu I can’t get the cursor focus to edit the name, What am I doing wrong? This is on Mac OS 13.3.1 .

Hi Colin - as far as I can see this works as expected in 8.6 here, but that is on Mac OS 14.2.1. I’ll see if I can find someone running 13.
@colinpartridge - does it get any better if you re-boot the machine? We cannot reproduce that problem here


i think the main confusion is that in v8 it does not work with double clicking anymore, double click now activates the layer, so the focus naturally stays on the command entry. that was a frowned upon move to some and the wish for an option still stands. to rename now you have to select the layer then wait a second then click again. or you hit enter additionally that will instantly let you rename the selected layer.

Ahh OK, now I know that, it all makes sense. Thanks encephalon.

Hi @colinpartridge,

You can also just press the enter key to begin editing a layer name.

– Dale

Mac OS 14.3.1
Rhino 8.7.24101.10002

Please note that renaming a layer does not work as described when the Layers panel is undocked from the main application window. I use layers on a second monitor. If the Layers panel is floating, renaming seems to require three clicks:

Click 1 - select/highlight the layer
Click 2 - changes to renaming mode for the layer. (keyboard focus remains with the Command input)
Click 3 - change the keyboard focus to the layer to receive keyboard input

Furthermore, if the Layers panel is floating, clicking on a layer name and pressing the enter key will not rename a layer. The key press is captured by the Command input.

I appreciate the work the Rhino Team has done to create and improve the software. Renaming layers in a floating panel is the only remaining workflow inconvenience that I have experienced after migrating from version 7. I am very impressed with Rhino3d 8.

Hi @srix,

Thanks for reporting. I can repeat this. I’ll open an issue.


– Dale