Layer panel does not work

Hi! My layout sidebar stopped working after I have installed today’s Windows 10 update. I can see the panel icon but if I click it, it shows previously opened sidebar: properties, display, named views, etc. If panel undocked, then it is just empty. Rhino Safe mode works in the same fashion. Toolbar Reset did not help. How could I make it work?

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Please read the following thread:

Hi Veronika,

We are very much aware of the situation. Currently you have two options:

1.) Roll back the Windows 10 Creator update. If you Google this topic you will find lots of instruction on how to do this.

2.) Change your display’s “Scale and layout” to 100% (right-clicking on your Windows Desktop and pick Display settings"). Scales other than 100% are the cause of the issue you are having.

Note, if, after changing your DPI scaling to 100%, your display is too small to use, then you can drop the resolution of your display to something usable. (again right-clicking on your Windows Desktop and pick Display settings").

– Dale


thank you, dale. that helps a lot!

Is there any more development on a fix for the layer with windows 10?

The Rhino V5 SR14 release candidate has been out for a while.
Please try it and make sure it works for you.

John it works like a charm now! Thank you so much and the very quick reply! You guys are great!!