All the information on Layers panel suddenly disappeared

As you see on the right side, I can’t see any layers information. Even i have more than one layer on my model that i draw yesterday, there seems to be no information on the layer panel today.
And even I typed ‘layer’ on commmand line, nothing showed up.
Even I delete the layer panel on the right side and show that again, nothing have changed.

I think all about the layer part in rhino have some problems. Please help me.

That sounds like a bug introduced in Windows 10 Creators Edition. We have a release candidate for a new service release if Rhino to fix this that you can find at

Thanks a lot. I think this happened after I upgraded window10 yesterday.
But is there another way that I can solve this problem instead of installing new Rhino?

The service releases are free. Other than reinstalling a previous version of Windows, I don’t have any other solution.


Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

Yep. But installing a new SR will cause his cracked license to stop working… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Did you solve this allready?

Does this still happen in Rhino 6?

If you haven´t solved this it´s actually pretty easy.
It must be a bug, that turns off all the information on the layer window. All you have to do is turn it back on!
Just click on the tools icon (the hammer icon) on the bar over the window, on the drop down menu select the columns option and on the second drop down menu turn on the options you want to be on.