Bug? Unable to select layers

Hello. This is an issue I’ve had for about a month now and has made it very frustrating to work, as this is the basis of my workflow. For some reason, I am unable to access my layers tab, despite different methods that I go about to access these layers. I am able to “manually” access them through the Properties tab, but I am unable to add new layers.

Attached I have myself clicking on the properties tab, the display tab, and the layers tab. Notice that the layers do not show up when I click but remains on the previous tab that I clicked on.

Any help? Please advise.

Nothing is attached.

My apologies, I hit send faster than I anticipated.

1: Properties tab (OK)
2: Display tab (ok)
3: Layers tab (the problem)

Hi Sara,

Is this the problem?

– Dale

Hi Dale,

This seems to be the case. However, I recall doing a manual update for this ~10+ days ago or so, and I believe this was an issue before the update. However, I just finished my final presentation for studio, and admittedly my days have been mixed up ever since.

Since I’ve mad the update, is it possible to go back to the previous version of Windows 10? Or am I stuck with these issues until McNeel can find a solution?

Hi Sara,

I don’t know much about this. But I believe the link I references has some details on this.

Keep in mind that the issue involved Windows 10 Creator AND running at a dpi scale greater than 100%, most likely because you have a very high-resolution display.

We are planning on releasing a service release to address. But until this is done:

1.) Decrease you dpi scaling back to 100%. Doing this will make Rhino’s toolbars, etc. very small on very high-resolution display.

2.) Lower your system’s display resolution to something that “looks good.” On my ultra high-res laptop, I’ve lowered my displays’ resolution to 1920 x 1200 - at least until we’ve released a Rhino fix.

Hope this helps.

– Dale