Layer Panel bug: deleting a layer with objects

… does not show this dialog anymore:

Just nothing happens. Not good, since if the layer contains objects inside blocks, there’s no way of telling which they are when cleaning up layers.

Repro: put some object under a layer, try to delete the layer.

This has been introduced recently, 7.15 I believe.

I do get the dialog here if there is an object on a layer that I try to delete…
(7.15.22012.13001, 2022-01-12)

If the layer contains objects that make up a block definition, I get this as well:


Is this happening in all files on your end or just one? Tried restarting Rhino?

Thanks, Helvetosaur! Yes, I restarted Rhino. I also checked 2 other installations - same.
Will test if it is related to VisualArq…

7.15.22021.13001 too.