Delete VisualARQ object

in some file I can’t delete a layer. The message is "Layer “Per genitore” is in use by 1 VisualARQ objects and cannot be deleted."
Obviously I can’t see any object, Command _BlockManager have no result and also exporting objects by selection (which have their own layer) bring in the new file the layer to be deleted.
How I can to proceed?
Thanks in advance

Hi Stefano, you cannot delete a layer if there is some “current” VisualARQ object style using it (even if there are no object styles entities in the model. The current VisualARQ object style is the one that has been the last inserted in the model (for each objec type) or the only style that remains in the object library for each object type.
So in order to delete that layer you have to make sure the “current” VisualARQ object style has no components set to that layer, or the style itself is not set to that layer either (by default VisualARQ locates each object type into a specific layer (so walls go to the Layer “Walls”, beams to layer "Beams, etc…) You can edit that from the Rhino Options >Document Properties > VisualARQ > Layers, and set each object type to layer “None”)
In case you have an object in the model using that layer, a message will warn you that there is an object using it. If it’s a VisualARQ object, you will only be able to delete it showing the “hidden blocks” in the Block Manager.
Let me know if you have further doubts or questions.

thanks for your prompt reply. :slight_smile:
I’m sorry, but I can’t find any VisualARQ voice in my Rhino Options >Document Properties :frowning:
There’s a voice called “Lands Design” in Rhino Options >Rhino Options but there’s no “Layers” voice in it.
Where I’m wrong?

Hi Stefano, here you are:

well… now I can found the voice “Layers”; I updated my Beta version expired:

but also clicking on red cross, I still can’t delete “Per genitore” layer.
Could be useful attaching my file to watching in it?
Thanks again

Hi Stefano, yes send me the file to indicating which layer you cannot delete and I’ll check it out. Can you send me also a screenshot of the error message you get when trying to delete the layer?
I can see from your screenshot that VisualARQ is not loaded or installed in that Rhino beacause the VisualARQ options in the Document Properties do not appear. Have you installed VisualARQ in that Rhino? what version?

Thanks again.

Hi Stefano, got the file thanks. That layer is an “internal” layer used by Lands Design (and also VisualARQ) that should not be visible. Due to a bug the layer appears there and it’s not possible to get rid of it now. We will try to fix this problem in future Lands versions.

thanks to you! :slight_smile: