Layer context menu suggestions

It’s all a matter of personal preference, I know. However, I would very much like to see a few changes to the Layer context menu, for usability’s sake:

  • The arrangement of the menu’s entries should be changed like so:


  • Add an option to delete those grey layers of XRefs/inserted blocks, maybe like so:

  • The menu is not user configurable, or did I miss something?


Hello - yeah, I tend to agree about the menu arrangement. If we change it, I’ll have to re-learn! But I’ll add it to the pile.


Thank you, Pascal!

We all will. But if you get it right we’ll all love relearning it.

You’d think that after 2 decades of experience a lot of other menus could benefit from a revisitation as well.

Just thought: how about opening menus up to customization. Numerous other 3d application can do this.
But then, will people really use this? Many want to stick to office or even industry standards. I’ve seen it in my workplace.

I think the confusion caused by user configurable menus would make support that much more difficult.
This is one of the reasons that pull-down menus are not user configurable.
We need a common U/I to troubleshoot problems.