Layer context menu - order changed

Order of items has changed in the context - I guess this is just to mess with people’s muscle memory :slight_smile:

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While this is mentioned:

Possibly add icons for (some) items in the left column.
This makes navigating the list much easier (IMO)

Quick -incomplete- example:

I for my part am very happy about the re-sort. ‘change object layer’ is the item I use most, and now there’s less mouse travel. (Got an alias, too, for that)

Icons would be nice.

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I’m very happy with the new order. Only thing I’m not so happy about is that “Properties” is on top. “Properties” down to the bottom and I’d be even more happy with the new menu.

Yes, I agree.


This snuck into v8 as well.


Please give an option to use the Rhino 7 order. We will probably be using Rhino 7 for the next 2 years at least, along with Rhino 8, and it makes switching between apps very difficult. Often we have the two programs open at once on different projects or within the same project.

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