Latest version of Rhino erased my work

I was working with the latest version of Rhino 5 for Mac (can’t remember from which date was), finished all my work and saved it. Later that day a new version came up and installed it (version from the 18th Nov.) Today I opened the file and some parts of my design were missing! The part that went missing was one of the first things I modelled in the file, there are newer things I built still in there.
Is there a way to make them come back?!
Not new in Rhino, but not a pro…help!

Hi Karina - Are there any hidden objects or ‘off’ layers?


No, already checked that a thousand times! I’m guessing it happened when I installed the new version, but don’t know why…

maybe try another view style setting? for instance, lines won’t appear in rendered view by default.
switch to shaded etc.

No…checked all that.
Had a long night yesterday doing it all over again…thanks anyway!