Latest service release (SR 13) makes Grasshopper crash

At least one of our frequently used definition keeps crashing since we updated to SR13.
David, I’ll send you an example in PM.

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same issue here rhino6.13 very heavy suddenly and crashes every time. i need to loop in order to make it run smoother… first i was thinking my machine is getting old… but it feels like gh is heavy on easy tasks as well

Hi Asaf,

By any chance, are you using the “TextDot” component from the “Fabtools” plugin ?
It seems to be what is causing the crashes here.
Sadly, “Fabtools” is no longer maintained, and something in SR13 makes this component go crazy.

That component has been flaky for a while, for me it bakes all the textdots repeatedly, which happens occasionally when i accidentally use it vs the Define text dot by elefront.

From now on, I will use 3D text tags.
If I need to bake them as tags through Human UI, I can use metahopper’s “Bake Object” component.

just general heavy … gh is locking a lot and sometimes i have to restart rhino
its just dosent feel stable