Grasshopper Crashing Rhino V6

Unless I do something really stupid most of the time grasshopper is a very stable programme, but on one code I have created it seems to keep crashing for no reason when I edit a slider etc. I have a feeling it due to a bug/issue with offset surface and offset surface loose components.

Just added a Shrink Trimmed Surface component before the offset surface to see if this solved it.

I can’t post the code here but if someone in McNeel is interested I can email it. Also next time it happens I will file the crash report that pops up after rhino closes.

Also having issues with crazy Sweep 2 outputs that work in rhino fine, but that’s a different matter in the same code.

Yes, please do both of those things. And submit every crash report you get, our database doesn’t get bored.

Report sent and all files emailed to you guys. Hopefully its a quick fix :slight_smile:

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