Grasshopper Crashing Rhino V6


(Matt Gaydon) #1

Unless I do something really stupid most of the time grasshopper is a very stable programme, but on one code I have created it seems to keep crashing for no reason when I edit a slider etc. I have a feeling it due to a bug/issue with offset surface and offset surface loose components.

Just added a Shrink Trimmed Surface component before the offset surface to see if this solved it.

I can’t post the code here but if someone in McNeel is interested I can email it. Also next time it happens I will file the crash report that pops up after rhino closes.

Also having issues with crazy Sweep 2 outputs that work in rhino fine, but that’s a different matter in the same code.

(David Rutten) #2

Yes, please do both of those things. And submit every crash report you get, our database doesn’t get bored.

(Matt Gaydon) #3

Report sent and all files emailed to you guys. Hopefully its a quick fix :slight_smile: