Last flamingos


just an old project never published recycled for teaching purposes. Past Friday i was teaching Rhino3d for illustrators and drought situation in the South of Spain came. This morning i searched for this old project and updated it a bit

Rhino3d v7 + V-ray for Rhino 5

p.d. This is the original image i made on 2018


These are wonderful!! thanks for sharing!

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Would it be okay if I ask what kind of course you teach for illustrators that includes Rhino? Just curios!

No problem!!
this is the course Ilustra
it’s a module in a 600 hour course. We see mostly precision 2d drawing for logo and icons and packaging.
This year we’ve worked on labels, these are to examples made by 2 students


Do students have to not only create labels but also build bottle models and produce digital images?

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yes, in my module is what we do!


these are great, do you have the Rhino file ? If so and willing to share I’d love to test these in Twinmotion, tia