Large texture of veined alabaster

I’m looking for a (large) texture of veined alabaster, which should look similar to this example:

it’s ok if it is a paid resource. In general I’m looking for a resource that has also other stones as textures in high quality, like black marquino marble, white beauty marble, beige travertine and probably others that I don’t know yet.


How would it work if you took your own high-quality camera to your local granite and marble countertop shop (assuming you have one)?

could be an option, although I prefer existing textures, because photographing is not as easy as having a good camera. You need to find the right stone that is already cut and polished, and need the right lighting conditions for even lighting.

Certainly true, but I just assumed that anyone who gets pretty results from Rhino probably knows all about this. Of course a few keystrokes on the browser sure beats getting out the hardware, driving to the stones, setting up the shot… - well, you are absolutely right. :grinning:

Here they have some tile textures, I used one of them recently. They’re by far not high resolution, but maybe good enough for your purpose? Looking for onyx procedural textures there we’re some things popping up on google and i found some Vray Material back then when i needed it.

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