Marble effect

Hi all,

I am trying to recreate this kind of marble effect on one side of an object (raw marble edge). Is it something I can create with surfaces, or is it something which is more related to rendering (bump and displacement map maybe?)



Hi @paul_duterque,

I’d sub-object select (ctrl+shift+click) the side surfaces on a box/slab form like that and give them a displacement render mesh modifier in Properties > Displacement. Then the material for the veining would be applied to the entire box as well. A Noise texture would work well I think for the displacement.

he might also need the texture for the subselected side of the wall, so i assume creating a new texture entirely and applying it to the subselection should do?

I’d just use a procedural Noise texture included in Rhino, that or perhaps a Turbulence texture tiled more in the long direction would work in place of an actual photo which may not be tilable.

Thanks, it kind of works, the result is good but the junction between the row edge and non row edge is a bit abrupt… any way to soften it? (I’ve tried edge softening already) or maybe to have the edge of the row one to be the curve side of the flat face?

At a guess, I’d either edit the source image or use the Smooth command on a sub object selection along that seam of the extracted render mesh. Post the file with the texture embedded if you want me to take a look.