Large empty file

From a colleague I received a file which only had some curves in it.
The file is 12 MB and I do not know why. Just copy & paste all geometry leaves with a couple KB. I checked for materials, hidden objects, block references and used purge, but I can´t find out what´s so big in there. Any Ideas? File attached.
phillip (2.2 MB)

Probably some plug-in data stuck in the file - unused render materials, CAM toolpaths…???

-SaveAs and choose SavePlugInData=No… should clear that stuff out. --Mitch

Nope. Still 12MB. Is there some file detail list as there is for objects?

EDIT: Sorry, It did work. The bar just did not update the filesize due to Save as, but it is reduced in the explorer to 23K. Great . Thanks. Still out of interest: Is there some file detail list as there is for objects?

Dunno, downloaded the file here and did that, it’s 25kb…

You can run the Audit3dm command on the file, it will give you detailed info. At the end, you see the plug-in data and how much memory it takes up. In this case it seems to be a “mystery plug-in” with no name, just an ID…

Model User Data Table:
    user table[0]: (2083 bytes)
      Plug-in id: 06F3218E-F5EC-4f6c-B74C-14583F0ED7BC
    user table[1]: (28736 bytes)
      Plug-in name: Renderer Development Kit
      Plug-in id: 16592D58-4A2F-401d-BF5E-3B87741C1B1B
    user table[2]: (28 bytes)
      Plug-in name: RPC
      Plug-in id: 1F908FF5-4984-45a6-95F0-A81CE979A4D7
    user table[3]: (497 bytes)
      Plug-in name: Rhino Render
      Plug-in id: 5DC0192D-73DC-44f5-9141-8E72542E792D
    user table[4]: (12399013 bytes)
      Plug-in name: V-Ray for Rhino
      Plug-in id: E8CFE179-B60C-411a-8416-62A893334519
    user table[5]: (29493 bytes)
      Plug-in id: 491AC9CC-69C8-4369-AB68-019A44F49DDC
    6 user tables, 12460456 bytes (offset 25078 to 12485534)
  Archive size = 12485554 bytes (end mark size = 12485554)

Maybe this thread has more info… --Mitch

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Nice. I will find out about the mystery. Thanks!

Hi Phillip - use Audit3dmFile for a detailed look at what is in there.