Lands Desing missing in Grasshopper, but present in Rhinoceros

Hi all!

after installing Lands I had it in both GH and Rhino, but when I installed the Human plugin, Lands for GH disappeared. What should I do? I tried to uninstall and reinstall it, but it didn’t work.

Many thanks for considering my request.


Hi Durdona, Lands Design needs to be loaded before launching Grasshopper. I think that’s the reason why you couldn’t see the Lands components (I don’t think Human has anything to do with this).
So just make sure Lands Design is loaded in Rhino, and then open Grasshopper. You should see the components there. If you still don’t, let me know it.

yep, it appeared after I put some plants in Rhino. So every time I open the GH file I need to use Lands in Rhino first? Is there any way to save the work so I don’t have a bunch of white spots on canvas?:smiley:

If you want to use the Lands components in Grasshopper, then yes, you need to ensure Lands is loaded first. You can always open Rhino from the Lands Design launcher icon, so Lands will load automatically.

okay, thanks for the fast reply!
Have a nice day :smiling_face:

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