Modeling a ground plane with difference in Height


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Currently I’m working on this landscape project and the site has different levels. How can I smoothly model the site? I tried patching but it never works. The site has more than 4 sides, so I can’t use surface from 4 sides. My solution was drawing the skeleton of the site using curves, extruding them non planar then importing and capping them in 3D max, but there has to be a better way. Thanks in advance

Edit: I have some elevation points from the plan. How can I use those to create a contour map and then patch it accurately? do I use a control point curve to connect them?


do you have any basic grasshopper skills? this is a really simple setup, will give you quite an accurate terrain model if you have contours in the right locations (heights). It will output a mesh, you can then either work with that mesh or convert it to a nurb if really needed.

I haven’t found a good way in rhino natively that gives accurate terrain.

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I was thinking about using grasshopper, but I just downloaded it yesterday. Ill give it a try