Lands Design 6.1 released

Hi all,
Lands Design 6.1 is available for download !

This version is mainly intended to release Lands Design 6 for AutoCAD, but it also includes some improvements and bug fixes in Rhino. Here is what’s new:

  • Lands Design 6 for AutoCAD

  • Improvements

    • Take species flowering color into account when assigning the default crown file
    • Take CPlane orientation into account when inserting Lands objects (lists, labels, plant photos…)
    • Better highlight in viewport of curves selected from terrain Input Data properties tab
    • Interface
      • New buttons in RhinoLands Visualization tab to set the view aligned to CPlane
      • New buttons in RhinoLands sidebar to add/remove control points
      • Added 2D/3D buttons to Lands Design 6 toolbar
    • New desktop icon Lands Design 6 to launch it as a plugin on AutoCAD or Rhino, in addition to the RhinoLands desktop icon to use the RhinoLands interface
  • Error fixes

    • IFC import/export not working in Rhino 8
    • Grasshopper bake not working on Lands objects
    • Japanese translation of RhinoLands ribbon not properly loaded
    • laDeploy command not properly working
    • Default terrain contour line colors not properly set
    • Several errors in level mark object
  • Notes

    • Supported Rhino versions
      • Rhino 8 SR7 or later, and
      • Rhino 7 SR33 or later
    • Supported AutoCAD versions
      • AutoCAD 2025, 2024, 2023, 2022 and 2021

Enjoy it!

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