Rhino Lands is the new Lands Design?

The features look pretty amazing!. Is it the next iteration of Lands Design or a totally separate project? I noticed it’s now for CAD as well. You don’t hear too much news about it though.

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I’ve used LandsDesign and RhinoLands, I would say it’s an upgrade of LandsDesign to fit-in Rhino8.

RhinoLands, is Lands Design 6 (new version) into a simplified interface of Rhino 8.
Its installation includes installing Rhino 8.

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There’s so much new stuff that I thought maybe two teams collaborated on the project. I see it’s available for AutoCAD and Civil 3D now too.

I had glanced at Lands Design before moreso because I was curious about the other things Asuni is creating. It looked cool but I don’t do landscape architecture. Lands Design looks like a pretty big leap - especially the civil stuff.


Indeed, it is all the job of a relatively small but smart team. Happy to see you like it.

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I like the look of it. I’ve never used it. But it looks really great. For the price there’s quite a lot of features. Some of the tools would go far in civil estimating and there’s quite a lot of money in that alone.

If there was a “Ultimate” style package where you get a discount on all of Asuni’s stuff it would move me closer to actually buying it. I’m only dealing with buildings and wouldn’t be able to justify the extra cost. Not for now at least. But if I could have a career do-over I’d probably be a landscape architect… love that stuff!!

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Two things I’m looking for is a way to deal with point clouds and the ability to import Google Earth terrain into Rhino without using Sketchup.

The point clouds might be something out of the scope of Rhino Lands (I want to create lightweight mesh among other things) but the KMZ? file imports would be a nice feature.

Thought better to ask here instead of starting a new post.

You can import terrain with buildings and roads using RhinoLands (or Lands Design). The point clouds if are txt file formats or any supported formats are readable and convertible to a terrain in RhinoLands. Watch this video. (Min 6:02)

Thanks for KMZ’s suggestion. We’ll explore it more.