RhinoLands / Lands Design 6 for Rhino 8 released!

Hi all,
Lands Design 6 is finally available for download!

This version brings the long-awaited Rhino 8 support as well as a new level of integration with Rhino that makes it look like a stand-alone solution rather than a plugin, and is called RhinoLands.

Find here the What’s new overview:

And find here the complete What’s new list:

Enjoy it!


@albert I have been waiting for this for months! :grinning:

I have a question:

  • If someone already has Rhino 8, what would the benefit be of getting RhinoLands?

Thank you! I look forward to purchasing and using one of these.

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No, as a product (that you can order), RhinoLands already existed. When you purchase RhinoLands you are purchasing a Rhino license plus a Lands Design license. This was already possible with Lands Design 5.

But now, in Lands Design 6, RhinoLands is more than a bundle. Once installed, Lands Design 6 can run in two ways: as a regular Rhino addon (as before) or in “RhinoLands mode”: with a Rhino skin and an own ribbon-based UI that make RhinoLands looks like a standalone application rather than a plugin.

So, “RhinoLands” is:

  • An existing product (for buyers)
  • A new way to run Lands Design 6 (for users)
  • A sort of rebranding

The goal is to make it easier to buy and use for landscape architects who don’t know Rhino, so that they only have to learn a single landscaping application instead of a complex 3D modeling program plus a landscaping plugin.

For those of you that already know Rhino and bought it separately, RhinoLands as a product to order is not interesting. You should just buy and install Lands Design 6.
After installing it you’ll see that now the Lands Design desktop icon is renamed to “RhinoLands” and it launches Rhino with a skin and a completely new UI. To run Lands Design as an addon you just need to launch Rhino throught its own desktop icon.

It has no sense to upgrade Lands Design (one license) by purchasing RhinoLands (two licenses: one for Rhino 8 and another for Lands Design 6) unless you also want to upgrade Rhino 7 to Rhino 8.

You are more likely looking for a Lands Design 6 EDU upgrade price.

Don’t buy RhinoLands EDU if you already have a Rhino 8 license. Just buy a Lands Design 6 EDU license.

That said, no matter how you purchased Rhino 8 and Lands Design 6 (separately or by ordering RhinoLands) and how you installed them (separately or by using the RhinoLands web installer), you’ll get exactly the same. And you’ll always be able to:

  • use the RhinoLands new UI by launching it from the RhinoLands desktop icon
  • use the Rhino UI and Lands Design as a plugin by lauching Rhino
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Thank you very much! I look forward to utilizing this with Rhino 8!

@Edward_Sager I have to correct myself, @fsalla makes me notice that there are upgrade prices for EDU licenses: