Kudos to the developers

Just wanted to say I was waiting for software like this. I took Autocad classes years ago and was waiting for the 3d aspect and building tools and the familiarity of using Autocad. This combines so many things I am used to using. Well designed. Thank you for the work you placed in this.


I bought this program; Rhino 6. It’s awesome. But when it cannot even draw up a simple loft… you begin to wonder. My guess is that while Rhino 5, the previous version, was fully developed/programed it wasn’t true when I bought Rhino 6. And I’m new to Rhino3D, but not other CAD software. At least they have been kind enough to give me a link for a file download in .3dm file format so I can just take a lofted surface and use File>Insert to get an already drawn up lofted surface in my future drawings LOL! Hey, it works right!? Oh, and remember to set the background to a dark color so those long days using Rhino3D won’t get your eyes strained. I always use a black background and green colored objects in my scene/viewports.

@mercury1978kevin Every once in a while a new user of Rhino who has experience with other CAD software struggles with using Rhino and decides Rhino is not working correctly. This usually is the result of trying to apply knowledge of other CAD software to using Rhino without understanding how Rhino works and how it differs from the software they are experienced with.


I am still going through the tutorials myself. I am going to take it slow and absorb all the awesome knowledge I can, I am truly amazed by what this software can do. It can do 2d, 3d. I made a chair in a tutorial today, thoroughly am on board with these tutorials. Thanks for the extras!!

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Really? Like to see this!

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Assuming David, another Rhino user, is telling me the truth. It has been determined that Rhino 6 is only messed up on my PC and not anyone else’s. IDK if it’s a hacker or evil access by a plug-in programmer, or Microsoft itself… or some other hacker like the NSA or if it’s just because of a simple conflict Rhino is having with 1 or more of it’s plug ins. IDK cuz I have/use about 10 or so plug ins. At any rate, apparently there is something wrong with Rhino and/or my PC’s software side of things. BEWARE OF RHINO PLUG INS? Crossing my fingers that isn’t a general truth as I love some of these plug ins like furniture maker and random array. Also, it’s now safe for me to assume that my recent boolean errors or issues have to do with my loft tool not working correctly on me (they must be related). I used to be a U.S. soldier so the gov/NSA spy on me a lot more than most people. Or is it the Chinese plug-in devs that are now not to be trusted with possible access to my PC!? I paid just as much for Rhino as any body else… even if it was stimulus money.

<it’s not giving me any other options than ‘strait sections’ but does so for all other users of Rhino 6

…ok, NOW it works… but not in another edited file of the original from extracted wireframe command use F.Y.I.>and just yesterday it had this error in the original unedited file; didn’t work yesterday; today it did (on the same original unedited file)

For anyone interested KevinE’s problem with the Loft command was due to the ends of some of his curves being close to each other but not quite coinciding, which restricts the loft style to straight sections only. Pascal identified the problem. It is a documented “feature” of the loft command.


If all fails. Explode.

Just gotta ask? I was giving Kudos to the developers of this awesome software and My thread got hijacked by someone who wasn’t apparently happy. Not my problem. Not there’s either. Kinda feel like I was a lamb out for the slaughter. Please don’t hijack my thread again. I was all about an amazing job they did. And for what
ever reason someone had to hijack it and make it negative. I am not with that person. just so you all know


Thank you; just wanted to let you know we appreciate the kudos


well… without complaining the developers do not know that they are torturing the poor users. that means except somebody has personal/commercial/competitive issues with McNeel i assume that ranting for the most part is pretty honest and necessary.

for example @gustojunk @osuire are one of the most relentless ranters i have ever seen :smiley: i must say kudos to them for their efforts in doing so. i also enjoy critiquing and throwing in some fire and oil, but i am less diplomatic or maybe just dumber and i think that everybody probably hates me long ago :see_no_evil:

yes, of course what would be all that without the developers producing our beloved Rhino, so please guys keep it up and dont let us down! you are doing a good job, just do more and faster :smiley:



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So Playing with the tutorials still and I made this.

.Still moving along with the tutorials but I am getting a real good feel for this. Great tutorials!!!


seems your reputation precedes you… :wink:

Coming from AutoCAD I used to curse a lot for Rhino not being fast enough for my typing.
Being pushed by my employer I started learning ArchiCAD and oh my!, never seen anything this laggy, buggy and making no sense. I hate when software is trying to outsmart designer forcing it’s own interpretations.
Every time I open AD I miss Rhino’s logic, command bar (!!!) and it’s robustness - what you see is what you get.
Give me a hope guys that I will get used to it or is it darker the deeper you go? :frowning:

are you actually talking about the mac versions of these? i can remember trying autocad on mac when it was released. i think making cad in word would´ve made more sense at that time… it got progressively faster but still never optimal, but i left it several years behind, not sure how it evolved. archicad did not feel too bad imho not super fast but at least faster than autocad, still the logic of it made too many knots into my brain. felt like working upside down with hands around my legs.

i would never survive without rhino and i also keep hoping that it does not take too man left turns astraying from a good practical and fast workflow.

Yeah, it’s mac version. Everything is slower on mac and it makes my brain burn why my bootcamp on MBP is waay faster than native OS?